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Armourer • Sculptor •Tailor • Engineer : Fred Ryall

Ryall Armouries offer bespoke reproduction, or new design, couture suits of armour for individual needs. Clients receive a highly detailed, tailored level of quality with a contemporary professional approach. Owner Fred Ryall uses both traditional and modern production techniques, and since 2008 has worked with museums, hobbyists and collectors to building a reputation for real quality and service. Each commission benefits from hours of research and development and Fred is always keen to explore new ground. Whether you plan to joust professionally, or simply to own something beautiful in your home, you will not regret a commission to Ryall Armouries.

Armourer and sculptor, Fred Ryall

Today Fred is recognised as a name in quality; one of England's premier bespoke armourers, noted for an eye for detail, and comfortable organic forms. Beyond historical armour, Fred offers a wide range of skills making props and creative design solutions. His varied portfolio ranges from cyborgs to Victorian steam punk style lighting. A strange or fantastical idea can be become a practical solution using from Ryall Armouries.

Important safety issues about armoured fighting.

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German couters
Detail: gothic gauntlets Re-creation: Victorian gothic bascinet: Robert Bruce Statue, Bannockburn German couters My tools are also … "British made" all designs © Fred Ryall 2014